Railways Around Amersham &
The Metropolitan Line

"Through Amersham to Aylesbury and the Vale,
In those wet fields the railway didn't pay.
The Metro stops at Amersham today."
Metro-land J Betjeman

The name "Metro-land" was created in 1915 by the publicity department of the Metropolitan Railway. "Metro-Land" became the name of the annual publication of the railway's booklet which described the area the railways served through north west London, into Middlesex, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. The Railway set up a separate company to develop housing and shops along the Metropolitan's line. Much of the area was extensively developed between the World Wars and created a distinctive atmosphere. The poet John Betjeman was taken by the area including it in poetry and made a special programme for the BBC in 1973 called "Metro-land". Amersham was at the edge of the development, but it owes much of its 20th century growth to Metro-land.

Amersham Station - Metro-Land, Metropolitan Line

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Memories of Amersham Station starting from the 1930s

Around Amersham Station from the 1970s - including Chalfont & Chesham

The New Amersham Station Bridge That Never Was

Steam on the Met - Amersham

Inside Amersham Signal Cabin

Main Line Locomotive Return To Amersham
Engineering Works August 2006

Sarah Siddons Returns To Service

Unusual Trains at Amersham

Electrification to Amersham

1975 Train Service Pattern

Metropolitan Line Station Distances

Extracts from Old Met and GC / L.N.E.R / BR Timetables

Metropolitan Tickets

Amersham Freight

Around Amersham in the Early 1980s

Metroland Miscellaneous

The Chesham Flyer / Chesham Shuttle 

Details of Some Books Covering Railways in the Amersham Area

Details of Some Videos / DVDs Covering Railways in the Amersham Area

Amersham Foot Crossing of Underground Track

100 Year Celebration GC and GWR Joint Line

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